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Welcome to the website for the New Zealand Equine Research Foundation. Our new website was launched in November, 2012 we are continuing to add information meaning it is a "work in progress" and not yet fully completed. However, we hope it provides useful information on the activities of the Foundation. Please see “Contact us” for any feedback you may wish to provide.

Support NZ Equine Research Foundation (NZERF)

Reasons why the NZ Equine Research Foundation (NZERF) should be vigorously supported by the NZ Horse Industry

Travel Reports

Veterinarian-Farrier Scholarships

Annual scholarships for a veterinarian and a farrier to attend the prestigious Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium and/or to spend some time with colleagues in the USA are provided by the Foundation. The purposes of these scholarships are:

Welcome to the New Zealand Equine Research Foundation.

The New Zealand Equine Research Foundation (NZERF) is a charitable trust created to foster education and research in the New Zealand Horse Industry. The NZERF does this by funding and promoting the following activities:

NZERF Research Grants

Research Grants
Each year NZERF invites applications for Research Grants. The closing date for applications is 30 April.
Massey Undergraduates Scholarships

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